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  • Hi,

    Setting up with my suggested parameters doesn't work yet:

    • addresses are correct now and writing happens without any apparent glitch,
    • errors happen after the control of the 8'th byte read, just as if something had not been waiting correctly before writing there. Could be a question of latency: 84 Mhz is far more than the 48 Mhz of Espruino board.

    I still have no luck with setWatch: just no reaction to BTN1.

    Having help from ST is definitely the best thing you could have.

    Reading the docs shows they have been gradually expanding their variety of products and added some register's tricks incrementally too. As a result, each model of STM32F has its own particularities.
    I think you should consider using the updated stm32_hal libraries as they include new functions and correct bugs every other month apparently.

    So I'll try again but not so often as I expect some clean solutions on your side: You have 15 weeks to solve those things. Don't you?


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