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  • Hi, Thanks for all your work on this!

    Yep - I use the ID if you look at process.env, although I don't tend to use the flash size as generally Espruino is compiled for a specific size chip.

    Personally I'd have thought that there should be a single, 128kB page. Actually I seem to recall that there was a hack for the F4 board where I set the flash size at less flash than the board has in order to work around something - which might be the second unlock value (I could be remembering wrong though).

    I've posted in another thread, but as part of helping me get better chips for the Espruino Pico KickStarter, ST would like me to get the Nucleo 401 working and to put binaries for it on the Espruino website. That means I'll have to sort out the flash/setWatch problems soon anyway - so if you'd rather not spend time on it don't worry too much :)


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