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  • Hello,

    a- So I have tried to have save() working properly.
    Obviously, my parameters in where uncoherent.
    However, it is still failing at check time: I guess, there is a question of page size which is non constant on higher addresses of the flash memory on the STM32F4 series. This results from the STMF4 programming manual RM0368 Reference manual table 5 page 45/835.
    It is a constant, 2K bytes, on the STM32f1 series as written in table 4 page 8/31 of PM0075 Programming manual so the code of jshSaveToFlash() is somehow simplified about this point...
    I added some jsiConsolePrint here and there. Which helped me but did not changed the logic of this routine in any way.
    The micropython's equivalent routine seems to use a pre computed table to determine the page size out of the flash's base address to be written. They use a STM32F4...
    Changing anything in this area of the code could, potentially, be a real problem since I can't test other boards.

    b- I changed the definition of BTN1 with

    'BTN1' : { 'pin' : 'C13',
                 'inverted' : True,
                 'pinstate': 'IN_PULLUP', # to specify INPUT, PULL_UP

    No further investigation about it and setWatch()

    c- The Arduino's connectors pins names will probably end up the an "Arduino." prefix as you suggested. mbed names are totally incompatible with Espruino conventions. Yet, those arduino's connectors pins are just straight connections to the standard Nucleo connectors: I think it could just be aliasing Arduino's names to Espruino's names...

    So far nothing else, I am focused on save() problem.
    This is an important function to get an Espruino firmware useful on the Nucleo.


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