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  • The Espruino Pico is a battery miser.

    You could purchase one, off the shelf, AA Duracell Quantum (primary cell, Alkaline) 1.5 VDC @ 3900 mAh and ten year shelf life.

    Then use the Tindie step-up booster converter which idles at 55uA and use the Espruino Pico @ 10-12 uA at idle / sleep.

    Just at idle, you have over 6 years before the battery capacity is drained. Best of all, there is a power check, on the side of this battery to indicate battery capacity.

    Note: The TPS61200 booster step-up DC to DC converter makes sure every joule of usable battery energy is used before shutting down.­ps61200-power-step-up-converter-booster-­v1/


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