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  • Thanks!

    Best bet is to build with NUCLEOF401RE=1 make - that's what I do (and suggest in the README afaik).

    Variables are 16 bytes each and I usually leave 12k for stack/etc, so (96-12)*1024/16 = 5376 for variables. saved_code is to do with page sizes (because on the 401xC chips you have to use the 16kB pages right in the middle of memory). As you have a bigger chip you can afford to just use the 128kB page right at the end of memory, so just delele the whole 'saved_code' section and it should automatically use the last page. Maybe check that it seems to be doing that inside the platform_config.h file that's generated.

    Honestly I'm not sure about pin names. I'd maybe suggest trying to code in 'AA0..AAx, and AD0..ADx?' it's a bit of a pain though as that's all done with code.

    And yes, I guess the button is inverted - on the Espruino board it reads 1 when pressed.


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