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  • Hello,

    I have started some development around the NucleoF401RE board and Espruino 1v71.
    However, it is just not even to an alpha status so far: console on UART2 works, LED1 blinks, BTN1 reads correctly but setWatch and save() don't work yet, memory was left to an other board default values. Meanwhile writing this suggests me some clues...
    Actually, it is more an approach to get some more RAM/Flash, use some ready made arduino's shields and potentially be able to do some step by step debugging with EmBlocks. It comes with the Nucleo support out of the box too and mbed exports to it since last week.

    So contributing to the Espruino interpreter project is my intention.
    Incidently, should I create a separate branch in the Espruino project and submit my commits to this branch? I read something somewhere about contributing: finding it again is uneasy.

    I definitively will not attempt to provide a serious/permanent support for this board...

    Linked file is a rough log, all keystrokes included, of a session with gtkterm... Still have to try Web IDE for instance.

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