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  • Hi - thanks for the suggestion... It's quite a good idea to have a way to maybe do an 'in-app purchase' to get support for other boards.

    However the work that needs to be done is not in the Web IDE, it is in the Espruino firmware which goes onto the board. Once that is done it'll work on the Web IDE without any changes required.

    The issue really that everything is Open Source, so if I were to add any restrictions to the Web IDE or Firmware then someone would just copy it, remove the restriction, and put it online elsewhere. I did try a donate button in the past, but so few people used it that it wasn't worth having - I guess I could try something a bit more obvious - like Ubuntu's download button.

    It's kind of a hard situation - I got given a very hard time for not being Open Source before the KickStarter, but now I am Open Source it makes it difficult to do things that might actually be in everyone's best interests.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll find other rants from me about it on the site :) If you do want to try and port to the Nucleo yourself, it shouldn't be too painful.

    There's some info here:­b/master/

    Basically you need to get your computer set up so you can build Espruino for ARM, then you just create a new file boards/ with all the pins written in it and copy/paste a few lines in the Makefile. It shouldn't be that difficult.


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