• Extended the display with the display of the velocity. Velocity is shown in nautical miles. Code is updated.

    Next steps are:

    1. Migrate code to use GPS module version as recommended by @Gordon in particular post http://forum.espruino.com/comments/11859­055/ GPS Module, Extensions, and u-blox NEO-6M GPS receiver
    2. Add battery power supply, stick it into a water proof box / container, and take it on the water.
    3. Add Wifi module and create a http server to give access to navi data over LAN / WAN.
    4. Write a first cut of a browser app - of course in JavaScript - that pulls the data with an AJAX request, processes is and displays it text and graphics... and eventually will drive a widget or window with a google map positioned to the received geo location.
    5. Add touch 'platform' w/ handling APIs - .handleTouch() .
    6. Add Pause / Resume / Restart(Warm restart) using touch areas.
    7. Add touch areas for complete clear of background and redraw of individual rows.

    Time line is open....


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