• Ic. Many options. For now I have dashed the display speed challenge. With more changing data to display, this may change though, and all options will be back on the table. Fixed font for a limited number of characters / symbols in 1-bit foreground/background color mask and may be compressed/deflated will save me the storage. Using a streaming algorithm that just in time inflates two levels - first from compressed to full 1 bit mask and second from 1 to 18 bits by picking 18 bits background or 18 bit foreground depending the filter bit and sent them over a parallel interface, the display may give me the speed I could just dream of . To have performing inflations most likely require 'going underground' to (inline) assembler or using dedicated helper added to the firmware. This approach eliminates then the current drawing of a rectangle in background color before redrawing with current drawString()... ;) - Btw, with limited font options, all digits of a font should be same width, preferably two spaces and two dots (decimal points) wide, and also the -, +, and parenthesis should have this width. These measures provide the means to manageably display changing number values in fixed font and related (unchanging) labels in variable font. Time may come and make me build such a font.


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