• There's a small bitmap font built-in, or you can load more as modules: http://www.espruino.com/Fonts

    I should come up with a 'fast SPI' graphics driver really. If done right it should be able to support a few different modules - however the speed of clear is as fast as possible right now (which isn't that quick) so even if I make it as fast as possible, it'll never be amazing.

    If you're interested, there are other options:

    You can't store the whole screen in Espruino's memory, because it's just too big. However you could:

    • Store the screen in 1bpp, treat it as a black and white screen. (not sure how you'd convert 1bpp -> 16bpp quickly though)
    • Render the whole screen, but in chunks. Eg. have an ArrayBuffer Graphics, of 240x32 - then render each of 10 chunks, and send each block over SPI. That'd be pretty speedy.

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