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  • There's been some talk about this before, and I will do the bigger chipped board at some point. It's only very recently that I've got the rev 1v4 of the existing board produced and CE tested though.

    Right now I'm not selling enough boards that it's a huge priority I'm afraid. There's actually quite a bit of effort involved in targeting the bigger chip properly (eg. modified bootloader, new image and support files for the Web IDE), and I'd be amazingly lucky to sell 100 of the bigger board in the next year so I doubt it'd really pay for the work I'd have to put in.

    You almost got a bigger board for the KickStarter, but cost wasn't the issue - it was the lead time. The RCT6 is a very common chip which means that there's a lot of stock around. Getting one of the higher spec ones would have meant a >12 week lead time, which would have meant we'd have totally missed the shipping target and annoyed everyone.

    On the new, small Espruino board the chip is newer and not as common, so I've got to expect the lead time issues. Depending how things go it might mean I'd be able to go for a higher spec chip when I order.


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