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  • I'm with you on that... I was not posting that as a serious suggestion. Even 64k of ram really isn't enough to take advantage of the other capabilities of the hardware. While that beautiful STM32 chip is capable of much more complex and innovative projects than an Arduino, we're hamstrung by the memory limit, and it's difficult to realize those projects. Because we have to store our code as text in RAM, as opposed to compiled code in flash, Espruino needs a lot more RAM.... (and since the firmware has to contain all the libraries for FS/network/etc, 256k of flash is also insufficient. Imagine if we had 512k - we wouldn't need separate versions for different network adapters, and we'd have plenty of room for the firmware to grow in the future).

    Gordon was talking about offering a version with a higher spec chip, but I think his focus is on the Espruini now... At least that comes with 64k of ram, so you don't need to step beyond the spec sheet to get your 3250 jsvars (and the chip has fewer pins, so the storage seems to better match the "size" of the project that it's appropriate for - and it's cheaper).

    I look longingly at the STM Discovery boards, and dream of the freedom of having over 10k jsvars. It would be paradise! But they don't have the bootloader, and aren't really supported, and so have all manner of issues.

    But I've said all this before.


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