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  • I got my ESP8266 on tuesday.
    First problem was powersupply of 3.3V, which cannot be solved by Espruino board.
    Had to wait 2 more days to get an regulator.
    Things working in a module, something like pre-alpha status is:

    • reset
    • connect to my wifi at home
    • read ip, this was a complex part, at the end a 10 sec delay made it more reliable
    • get data from my local server using IP-address (192.168.1....)
    • get data from, there might be undetected problems with DNS
      Next step will be to get data from subdirectory on server, the example I found looks strange to me, so lets wait and see.
      Main problems I ran into are:
    • esp8266 returns commands first, before sending requested information (like getIP)
    • in console.log I often get double charaters (like instead of given espruino)
    • its hard to recognize end of data comin from esp8266, (e.g. whats the end of get data, could be "OK\r\nOK\r\n", but need more testing
    • didn't find a command to setIP
    • DNS is hardcoded, according to some information I found
      All together its a 3.50€ chip and I got a lot working in short time. Reliability is not a question as long as I still have to get functions like "get Data from url" up and running. And last not least, status of coding is something like pre-alpha.

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