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  • I've heard from a few people who wanted pins preinstalled. I think I'm going to have to have two specific products - one with and one without.

    I am working on a new board - I got the first prototype mostly working just last night! It sounds a lot like what you want, and it should be a bit cheaper too.

    About price... You say half the price for a micro, but I just looked online and they are £20 whereas Espruino is £25 - not a huge difference, especially as the Espruino software is so much more complex than the Arduino bootloader. It looks a bit different in the US, but I can't do too much about that at the moment as it's just the way the tax/exchange rate is - I sell at basically the same price to everyone.

    It probably doesn't help that while the headline figure in each currency is about equal, the UK price includes tax and the US one doesn't. I'm not sure what I can do about that now it's on shelves in the US, but I might be able to negotiate something better with the new board.


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