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  • I soldered the HM-10 module to the Espruino according to this page:
    Actually I was switching back and forth between that page and the HM-05 page, and ended up accidentally soldering pin 34 as well. Then, trying to get the solder off, I soldered 33 too. I gave up at that point so those 2 pins are also currently soldered.

    I do NOT have pin 24 soldered (yet). That seems to be optional?

    Anyway, I plugged the Espruino in to my Mac via the USB cable and... I'm not sure what to do next. The AT commands:

    "Serial1.on('data', function (data) {console.log(data);});

    Just return "Undefined". No other output.


    1. Where does power for the HM-10 come from? Is it just taken for granted that the user knows to hook some power up somewhere?

    2. Assuming there's power going to the HM-10 board from Espruino somehow: the HC-05 tutorial says "Simply pair with this module and enter the pairing code 1234.". Does that mean connect with my Mac's bluetooth capability? It's not appearing in the bluetooth list. I also tried with my iPhone 4s, it's not in that list either.

    3. Also on the HC-05 page, it says "Note: If you power the board from your PC's USB port, it will move the console to USB and you will get no response from the Bluetooth connection." So I tried just using a USB wall plug, but still the bluetooth connection isn't showing up on Mac or iPhone.

    4. I have pin 23 just soldered down to Espruino. I'm not sure what is happening in the picture on the HM-10 page with pin 23, it looks like a big blob of solder. And this makes it seem like it's optional, just for configuration: "In order to use pin 23, connect this pin via a switch to ground (defaul position of the switch is open). Also connect this pin via a resistor of 1k to 3.3V." If I do need to do something with this pin, do I really add the stuff to BOTH the ground and 3.3V?

    5. What are my next steps for troubleshooting this?



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