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  • Thanks all for sharing information.
    I've successfully powered the NeoPixel Ring with the keypad via Espruino board, starting to play with. I found a wallplug to USB (5V 1A) converter and this is working fine for now :)
    I have a better vision on powering stuff now, thanks to all of you.
    Even if I might come up with a question (or two) in the future ;)

    In the meantime I found this article from Gordon about powering LED strip with MOSFET.
    I might be wrong but I do not understand a point from the picture.
    The yellow cable is for GND and each MOSFET is picking it and Espruino is connected to each MOSFET.
    The black cable is for power but it seems the cable is not used ?
    How it is powered ? Espruino board seems powered via USB...
    Is something missing on the picture ?

    Sorry to bother you with potentially stupid question.


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