• I would not mess with 220V in the same enclosure as your device(s) and rather use a pre-made power supply. Modern power supplies use optical isolation between high and low-voltage sides, sufficient gaps between high and low voltage and thermal protection.
    It really depends on what your devices are. Many of the LED strips come with a power supply that is made for them. I would just get a 5V Power supply (e.g. 5V 2A) that pretty much allows you to power anything you need. If you need a 3.3V supply with more power, get a 3.3V regulator and put it behind the 5V supply, e.g this one which can handle 1A (http://www.newark.com/texas-instruments/­lm3940it-3-3-nopb/ic-ldo-volt-reg-3-3v-1­a-to-220/dp/41K5126). (Also think about your own safety, the safety of your family and your home owners insurance.)


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