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  • Thank you a lot for your response.

    So ok.... I can use a 220v -> 5v to power Espruino and almost all things.
    3.3v provide 150mA... if provide 5v/1A, using the Vbat pin can drive much power, to 1A I presume ?
    Is there any power limitation with Vbat ? Espruino board take 3.6v to 15v for input, but what about amperage ?

    In case of high power requirement (LED strip) use another converter and not use Espruino (which seems fair :) )

    If I provide 5v to be safe and almost all devices would be able to use it via Vbat.... and for the screen having to use the 3.3v pin.

    But more generally, what would happend if one of the device would require, let say, 12v or 24v ?
    In that scenario, it would mean 3 converter ? :

    • 220v -> 5v : espruino and stuff (Vbat or 3.3v pin)
    • 220v -> 12v - 24v: the "special" device
    • 220v -> ???v with high power : LED strip

    Do you know any board (arduino, spark, etc) that could convert 220-240v ?
    Best, a board which would supply different output voltage in parallel ?


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