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  • The espruino can provide 3.3v, but only at 150ma - so you can't run heavy stuff off that at 3.3.

    The espruino itself will run at 3.3-15v (it has a regulator built in). VBat will be at the supplied voltage - it's not 5v like it is on USB.

    It looks like everything there is 3.3 or 5 volts, and the 3.3 stuff has low current requirements, so you can run it off the Espruino's supply (note that for CC3000, you need to use the Vin pin and the +5v - it's peak current is 350ma, which the Espruino's regulator can't handle - but the Adafruit CC3000 board has it's own regulator built in, powered by VIN). Other than large LED strips, you should be able to run all that stuff powering the Esprino off of a USB wall charger.

    You can also wire it up to a 5v wallwart, or use the +5v and ground from an old computer power supply, or any other source of 5 volts. You can also power it off batteries, though Li ion batteries are 3.7v, and some of your parts need something closer to 5, so you'd need a dc/dc converter to get the 5v (these are readily available for dirt cheap - small, light ones are available as "UBECs" for model airplanes)

    For high current applications (long LED strips, etc), you should not draw the power off the Espruino's VBat pins - get the power before it goes into the Espruino.

    Although the Nokia 5110 screen says it will take 3-5v, on 5v, even the pixels that were supposed to be off were partially darkened - it was hard to read. At 3.3v (running off Espruino's 3.3v), it looked much better.


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