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  • First, as a background, I'm a .Net developer with limited or no electrical knowledges linked to microcontroller usage.
    Until now I've used Espruino board with USB to my computer, with limited devices connected on it.

    My question is : how and with what do we have to power our "stuff" ?
    I mean that the goal would be to have an autonomous board.
    And what if we have a 220-240v near the location of the board ?
    Additionally, what about all the stuff (LEDs, devices, etc) that require different voltage or power ? Espruino has 3.3V output, right ?

    Example (I will detailed everything in the "Project" thread soon) :

    • Espruino board (5v ?)
    • FingerPrint (3.6v - 6v)
    • KeyPad
    • Wireless communication, like CC3000, NRF24L01+ or HC-05
    • PN532 NFC/RFID module
    • PCD8544 LCD driver (Nokia 5110) [Optional]
    • NeoRing LED (4v-7v, ~300mA)
      (But what about 5m LED strip that would require lot more power, for example)

    So, in general, how do we power stuff with different voltage from 220-240v ?
    Is there any small power converter board to use, to keep the footprint as small as possible (compared to the size of Espruino board) that can provide several different output voltage ?
    And... in the case described above, can I power all of those ?

    Thanks for helping...



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