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  • Woah, so that means I could connect the CC3000 to BAT and the espruino itself is also powered via the battery, which is 12V. As I got just one CC3000 left, I'll not try it out now but it's great to know.

    Just wondering: when the other CC3000 died, I really connected it to a 3.3V pin of espruino (and 3.3V pin on the CC3000) and the GND of course. Other pins are unchanged. Now, it might have just died as it was time for it to die, but would there be another reason I am just too blind to see? I would have expected the espruino to die if the max power I can get across all 3.3V pins is 150mA - wouldn't that somehow overheat the espruino, but not the CC3000?


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