• I've done a garduino project last year, not connected to the internet, and @Gordon posted in one of the forums that he created a Xively DHT11 (temp/air humidity) tutorial.

    So I extended that idea with another sensor, a soil humidity sensor. It is just two pins connected to teh soil - one is put HIGH to send 5V and the other reads the analog value - between 0,1 on the espruino.

    It works pretty well - unless I connect it to a 5V/1A power supply via the socket. That really means: if the espruino is connected to my battery-powered Google Pixel, or powered via a USB battery, it works very well - I read always around the same value (which is already averaged over 20 samples).

    But once I connect it to the power supply - a phone charger / USB, connected to teh wall socket, it gives me crazy values - each measurement differs wildly from the last one.

    I am really scratching my head what causes that? Any ideas are welcome :-)


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