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Very early 30s, undergrad and grad in math, quant at an NYC hedge fund by day and tinkerer by night, from and still in NJ

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    I did a quick forum search and it doesn't look like anyone's talked about this app, so please forgive me if it's already been covered.

    In any case, I had a Sensordrone years ago and used to take readings from it using an app called Sensors Toolbox from Mobili. On a random whim I downloaded their new replacement app called IoTool today and it just so happens to have a Puck plugin and you can collect live sensor and button readings pretty easily.

    Thought I'd throw that out there if anyone might be interested.


    P.S. No, I don't work for them or anything like that.

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    Could I bother you to put up the exact code you're using? (If it's different at all from what I'm doing.) I ask because I get the 255 code instead of 30.

    I'm pretty confident it's not a hardware or wiring thing. I don't have success between two picos each using the shim either, and there's no wiring mistakes to make there. And I've tested my soldering for shorts, etc.

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    Apologies for asking my first question and then going M.I.A. for a week. Bad form on my part.

    In any case, here's a bit of code for a "beacon" Pico, with the receiver Pico having essentially the same code. As it is here it runs fine, but if I switch over to the commented out software SPI portion, I get a "TX timeout". I've tried on multiple Pico/NRF24 combos so it shouldn't be a hardware issue.

    Thanks for taking a look!

    SPI1.setup( { sck: B3, miso: B4, mosi: B5 } );
    var nrf = require( "NRF24L01P" ).connect( SPI1, B6, B7 );
    //var spi = new SPI();
    //spi.setup( { sck: A1, miso: A3, mosi: A2 } );
    //var nrf = require( "NRF24L01P" ).connect( spi, A0, A10 );
    var ledValue = 1;
    var dataLine = "";
    function onInit() {
       nrf.init( [0, 0, 0, 0, 1], [0, 0, 0, 0, 2] );
       sendData( 'PING' );
    function sendData( value ) {
       digitalWrite( LED2, ledValue );
       ledValue = !ledValue;
       nrf.sendString( value );
       setTimeout( sendData, 2000, 'PING' );
    function receive() {
       dataLine = "";
       while ( nrf.getDataPipe() !== undefined ) {
          var data = nrf.getData();
          for ( var i in data ) {
             var ch = data[i];
             if ( ch === 0 && dataLine !== "" ) {
                console.log( dataLine );
                if ( dataLine == 'PING' ) {
                   digitalWrite( LED2, ledValue );
                   ledValue = !ledValue;
                dataLine = "";
             } else if ( ch !== 0 ) {
                dataLine += String.fromCharCode( ch );
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    Has anyone successfully used this? I've had no luck and I'm almost certain it's because of having to use software SPI. I've used the NRF24 without the shim lots of times before, so in general I don't think it's because of how my code is doing things with it. I thought maybe the table with the pins listed on the shims page had a typo but after going through it I think it's fine.

    Is there just some nuance or trick with software SPI that I should know?

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    About keeping extra stock... you easily have me beat. I won't even bother with a picture of what I thought was too much spare equipment haha.

    I'm not sure about your Pi difficulties. I've only bought them maybe two or three times, and my usual go-to is Amazon where they were easily available... at least when I happened to be looking. But I have seen complaints that the zero is hard to get. In any case, I sent you a PM about my Pis.

    Looking back at your original post and wanting to control your room with voice, it sounds like we were working towards a similar goal. Mine was all about controlling Philips hue lights (I replaced every single bulb in my apartment haha) along with a few WeMo switches (i.e., for the kitchen fluorescent light which couldn't be replaced with a hue). Voice was one of my ultimate goals, but as an optional control method. The main control was automatic, using Google's prediction API. Using motion sensors and other data, I came up with a set of metrics and measures and after building a good sized teaching set to initialize the API, I eventually got to the point where everything was controlled automatically.

    But this was all before getting more interested in the hardware side of things, since I'm originally more of a software guy. Enter arduinos, etc., and Espruino. (For what it's worth, Espruino has been my favorite and it's where I've settled in, if @Gordon is listening). I have a working prototype built of a 3D printed cube with an Espruino for the brains that sets one of six different lighting scenes based on its orientation.

    But now I've taken over your post to ramble about my own project haha, sorry about that. Check your PM for the Pi stuff, and I'm happy to bounce around ideas for room control stuff if you want. My project is never really done anyway.

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    I can't much help you with the WeMo question (though I do currently send commands to a few WeMo switches from my nodeJS server [whose primary purpose is to control all my Philips hue lights]) but the Raspberry Pi comment caught my eye. I have two of the Pi 2 Model B sitting unused and would be happy to shoot them over to you. Your profile says you're close. I'm in NYC so shipping would be cheap, and I'm not so much worried about getting top dollar as I am just getting rid of all my surplus gear so it doesn't go to waste. I think I've booted the one like twice, and the other one maybe never haha, so they're not heavily used by any means.

    Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to send them quickly, on my dime more or less. This is my first post here ever, but I refer you to a recent surplus gear sale of some WeMo Makers I had (http://community.wemothat.com/t5/WEMO-Ma­ker/unused-wemo-makers-for-sale/m-p/3151­4#U31514). My little explanation on that forum that I'm not some fly-by-night seller even though it was my first post ever applies here as well haha.

    (I have boatloads of other surplus gear like Arduinos and tons of sensors and nonsense from Adafruit. My mentality is that if I ever think of something cool I wanna be able to immediately do it and not have to wait to get my hands on different components. It's not necessarily the smartest mentality since I piss away money haha, but whatreyagonnado?)