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    If you come across a LoRaWan Solution with a small LCD please notify me. The logic would be:
    The device shows a QR Code with its UUID - scanning via cellular brings you to a registration of the probe. This also allows to configure the measuring interval and giving it a verbose description to be shown on the web site and a URI to process the data.

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    Any hints what to do if the blue light ist glowing as prescribed after connecting, but the connection/upload to the board not possible?
    there is no way entering data on the left side of the IDE, which can't get the board info.
    many thanks

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    Could you please give me the go in just after the Espruino is ready for non experts?
    I read about browser interface for programming- but would need a small web server to for uploading to my server.
    I think the M4 on the larger board including LAN would be the right solution for me.