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    Ok, thanks DrAzzy.

    As for actually powering these LED's, I understand that I can't rely on the power coming from Espruino as the LED's need more juice. There are separate red and black wires going into this thing which I presume is the power - could you please recommend a power supply I could purchase for this (and other similar electronic components)? Wall plug or from USB, anything really, I don't know where to start!

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    OK thanks guys. Gordon it was the Pin Strip I was after, cheers. Dr Azzy I'll skip the breadboards for now then!
    Thanks both for the links - my wife now has a lot more trips to the collection office coming up to pick up my "strange parcels from Asia" :)

    Here is a close-up of the LED strip:

    The extra red and red/black wires did throw me.

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    Hello, just got my Espruino, its working great! Its all pretty new to me though, so please forgive the basic questions.

    I am trying to work though some of the tutorials, and I had bought some addressable LED's, specifically these:
    1M 60LEDs/M WS2811 Led Digital strip light Dream RGB Individually Addressable 5V

    These are different to those used in the tutorial, so any tips on how to 1) connect these up to my Espruino and b) power them?

    Also, what is that purpose built looking "breadboard" you can see on most of the images on the tutorials? That looks like connecting pins up to things would be much easier - where can I buy one?

    Many thanks