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    I second the above comment.

    While we're on this topic, it would be very nice to somehow establish a standard for some other things:

    • side button as "back" instead of "confirm"
    • standardized haptic feedback
    • usage of screen-edge buttons as opposed to buttons near the bottom of the screen (easier to hit)

    Obviously these things wouldn't be required, just suggested. The Bangle.js platform as a whole could use a slight brushing up when it comes to UX practices.

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    Is anybody else currently dealing with seemingly random crashes and freezes?

    Occasionally, multiple times a week (most days, rarely more than once a day), my Bjs2 will, without warning, become unresponsive. This almost exclusively happens on the clock face, if only because I'm usually in the habit of closing apps whenever they're open. I haven't been able to figure out how to reproduce this behavior consistently, but I'm trying to troubleshoot regardless.

    Current details:

    • I have a decent number of apps installed. I suspect it could be a memory leak?
    • The clock face in question is the LCARS one from the app loader - specifically the one with brighter colors, not Stardate Clock. It's currently in full screen mode, no widgets.
    • Said clock face intermittently gives me a "DISK" warning. Going to App Manager and running "Compact" seems to alleviate this issue. I have not yet measured the effect of doing this regularly w/r/t preventing these freeze incidents.
    • I'm connected to the BJS fork of Gadgetbridge. No weather or other online apps set up so far.
    • No suspicious battery drains.
    • I'm living in the east coast United States and the past few weeks it's been 90F / 32.2C out consistently. I'll take note of the core temp reading (if I can find a widget for it) to see if it could be an overheating issue. The most recent two freezes occurred outside and in direct sunlight; and right next to the fan on my laptop. I'm considering this a strong possibility.

    So... I'm not totally sure what to do to figure it out but I guess I have a few ideas.

    In addition to logging temp readings, I'm going to switch to a different clock face for the next few days and see if it happens less frequently - perhaps it's actually just a problem with the LCARS app... which would be disappointing seeing as I plan on creating a similar feature-rich clock face soon. But I guess we'll see.

    Anyway, does anybody else have similar experiences?

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    This just started happening to me today, as well. It's very annoying, especially when coupled with most apps not having a "return to clock" timer built in (something I plan on fixing within my own fork soon, probably in the form of a widget).

    I was just digging around in the settings when I got a text from my dad - and the watch continued vibrating until I opened the notification.

    Also troublesome - when I receive a notification while within another app, the "flash icon" setting is not respected. I have mine set to false, but while within an app other than the watch face, the message icon blinks until accessed.

    Are there any possible leads on what might be causing this behavior? Looks like someone in the official github issue tried to fix it but ran into difficulties.