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    That fixed it! Well, kind of.

    The firmware update to v11 still fails and results in the same infinite DFV screen state. But trying to downgrade to the initial version v10 219 (which also failed to be sent), allowed the Bangle to boot normally again.

    Unable to update, but at least it's usable again ;)

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    Just tried to update the Bangle.js 2's firmware through the Web IDE.
    And well, it got stuck and failed. It went wrong somewhere in a Promise during the update/transfer.

    So the problem now is, how do I restore the Bangle? It's stuck on the "SW Reset" screen (white screen of death). Rebooting doesn't do anything, except for reloading the bangle to the same screen. (Rebooting by holding the BTN1)

    I don't have access to the cable for the moment, but if there are ideas/fixes with, I'm all ears

    Any ideas?

    P.s. I don't have an Android device