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    No problem.

    How long does the monitor typically to take good measurements

    There is a median filter at the end (of 8 measurements if I remember right).
    So it should forget history after time of 8 measurements + FIR lenght right now.

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    Hello, its basically a bandpass filter followed by a peak detector.
    Definitely much room for improvement. After looking into it and getting an overview I wrote a summary here (including links to the code and a quick experiment to visualize):

    Unfortunatly had to stop due to time issues, but plan to come back soon.

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    @halemmerich: "ECG-HRM device helps a lot": good point.
    Clear to us, but maybe not everybody is aware of bangle being able to receive, show and store the heartrate from external devices.
    Added this to the summery.

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    What Firmware are you using?
    Don't know about "medidian", but had a similar problem with "Function not found" that was solved with new firmware. Seems there were some buggy versions somewhere between 2v13.48 and 2v13.138 (for me especially 2v13.123)
    See http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­376706/#comment16554038

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    Yes, breakage is to be expected in cutting edge builds. I think most people understand that and are happy to help squashing some bugs by testing.

    Yes, absolutely!
    [Maybe http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­376706/ was also somehow related? Didn't work in 13.123 but fine again in 13.138]

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    You can connect to the watch with the IDE and see the log printed in the console.

    Ah, yes. Should have known this. Thanks for the reminder.

     2v13.123 (c) 2021 G.Williams
    Uncaught Error: Function "setBTHRMPower" not found!
     at line 14 col 36 in bthrm.app.js
    ...ings.startWithHrm)){Bangle.setBTHRMPo­wer(1,'bthrm');}                          ^

    Error gone after updating to 13.138 Firmware.
    Makes also sense since my wife has still older Firmware. So looks like some inbetween version(s) were broken, but bleading edge is ok.

    Can the H10 have multiple connections? Maybe it was still connected to something else during your tries?

    It can have, but that needs to be enabled via App which I didn`t do. But I made sure all other BT was turned off.

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    UPDATE: hmm, while writing this, it actually did connect finally to my wifes watch!
    So its not the 0.09 Version but something else on my watch.
    Never mind, I keep on searching. (Title can't be changed (to "solved" or so) right?)


    somehow BTHRM doesnen't work for me anymore :-(
    Scan does find the H10 belt, but no events are shown.
    My wife was still on 0.08, so I tried there with immidiate success. Then I updated her watch to 0.09 as well and don't get events anymore (as shown in BTHRM app). I did play around with debug options (eg. setting all times to 500ms) without success. I also enabled the log, but couldn't find it anywhere.
    Anybody else seeing this?
    @GrandVizierOlaf: Any ideas? Any easy way to downgrade?

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    Much much better, no problem the whole day.
    But: as said above, my wife had the same problem but much less frequent. She does not have the sleep apps installed. So I checked back on memory on my watch (no apps used the whole day, only looked for time). It still looses memory, but now with approx 3/min (instead of 300 before).
    Will continue to check (maybe this is expected behavior from the health app collecting data or something like this?)