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I'm an enthusiastic Free and open source software proponent. Not a coder though.
I do sports and plan to find ways to use the bangle.js 2 in running, maybe swimming (I know about water resistance, but there are ways around that).

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    I received the watch this morning (Australia), no taxes !
    I had a very similar situation to PeerDavid's one. Bluetooth worked at first. After 10 minutes, I tried to pair the watch to my phone to load apps. Just Bluetooth pairing, without any app. Since then I had issues: Bluetooth is always greyed. At startup, I've been stuck for a while with:
    "Checking storage...
    Storage ok
    (and nothing) it stops there, I need to restart.
    I restarted the watch a lot, fiddled around with BLE settings on the watch, on my phone and on my computer's bluetooth.
    I couldn't figure a pattern, I stumbled upon different message:
    "Checking storage...
    Storage ok"
    and it stops there, I need to restart.
    Or it starts like it should:
    "Checking storage...
    Storage ok
    But it's not possible to interact with the watch.
    My webbrowser on my laptop sees the watch, offers to link to it, but the connection fails.
    Strangely, on my laptop, I can randomly see the bangle in my bluetooth settings.
    As PeerDavid, I'm left with not much of a smartwatch without bluetooth.
    And while I was typing this, I managed to connect the watch to the bangle app store with my laptop. The bluetooth icon on the watch is still grey and if I go to whitelist on the bangle, it says I'm not connected. But I could upload apps succesfully anyway !
    I think I'll try to reflash clean the bangle tomorrow, if it's possible.

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    Thanks for the answer Gordon,
    I know you're super busy. About your answer, hmm... anyone interested in helping out :) ?
    I'm not sure whether it helps, but there's a seven years old alpha app in Fdroid called RtkGps that uses RTKLIB to connect an external GPS via bluetooth to Android phone. There's also BlueGps in Fdroid, but also 8 years without any update ! That could be a perfect occasion for me to start learning how to code, but I have no spare time before months.
    Still, I need a gps on my phone.

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    Hi there,
    I have 3 android phones with broken gps (hardware). I need gps for some apps and I'm on the edge of buying an external gps to solve that, but that sounds stupid considering I should receive a bangle.js2 soon. There's probably a way to use it as a mock service for my Android phone no ? Can anyone help ? I probably have to mention that I don't code.