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    Setting up the watch before giving to someone else.
    I want to install updates, change setting and set Welcome to run on next boot.

    With dark theme set the last screen on Welcome App I think is white text on white background.

    "Turn off & run next" uses Bangle.off() and will forget time can be woken from screen press.
    "Run next boot" and "Turn off" uses Bangle.softOff() and will keep time and only wake from button press.

    Bangle.off() being able wake from screen tap does that mean its still using power?

    Connecting usb power will wake from off and but not softOff. Is that expected?
    May they should be the same or the other way round?
    I don't like things to turn on just because I put them on charge. Other opinions may differ.

    Future update, Do you think I would be possible to make timers and alarms than can wake from softOff?

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    I made a quick app here https://whatawholeone.github.io/BangleApĀ­ps/#btpasstest
    Aside: The App Loader github icon links to master rather then the btpasstest branch

    Does only refresh on button press.
    With a passkey set I get:
    connected: true
    encrypted: false
    mitm: false
    bonded: false
    key: 333456

    From the Web IDE I send scripts and read from storage, and the mobile, Gadgetbridge can read battery percentage and push notifications.

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    I see that now, will ignore the over drawing.
    Tested setting the pass code on another watch could still connect from android and mac with out it.
    What can I do to get more info to debug this?
    I've got swd working on a pi using openocd if that helps.

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    When I try to set a BLE passkey the menu show BETAnone and numbers ontop of each other.
    I can still connect with out the passkey, App Loader and Gadgetbridge.

    I see the wiki say this is still beta, but what would you expect to work and not at the moment?