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    I've tweaked the example first app for something else that I wanted/needed - a 3 minute timer for my rest periods in the gym. Except I did it in binary for nerd cred and a random FB chat I was involved in.

    JS file attached, MIT licence as usual.

    • I think I've not got the button-press for reset registered entirely correctly, but putting that line anywhere else in the code made it not reset on countdown & out of time
    • next step would be throwing the reset time into the settings app - can anyone point me at the documentation for hooking up with settings? I'm failing at site navigtion.
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    I've got the Chrome app for the IDE so I can mess around with projects & my local filesystem, but there's a feature in the webapp that I can't find in the Chrome addon - the emulator.

    Is there a way to install the emulator locally?

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    Hi Hugh, sorry for the confusion. My tweaks are in cliSun.js, attached to the first post.

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    Hi Board,

    I forked the forked cli-clock from the app page - https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/t­ree/master/apps/cliclockJS2Enhanced

    Except I didn't actually fork it, because the relevant git repo is the whole app site. For the avoidance of doubt, my changes are MIT licence.

    1: Is there a sensible way to clone a single app, or a sensible way to clone the whole app repo and put it sensibly in the projects folder?

    I had a few false starts importing the suncalc code from elsewhere - it looks like the IDE grabbed a copy of the code and my watch doesn't need access to the internet to run this, that took a little bit of thought.

    I've added two more lines - sunrise and sunset in local time. I get the winter blues, it helps me not get shocked that it's dark at 5pm.

    2: Does anyone know a sensible icon for sunrise/sunset that I can pass into the writeLine function, or is my best bet hacking together a vector/bitmap and telling the writeline to leave space for the image?

    Next steps are to grab location from the GPS rather than hardcoding my city. I'll be back when I get the hang of it and get a bit more free time.