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    Yes, that's what I'd done anyway. But thanks for the suggestion.

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    The bluetooth serial port appears to miss characters. An example screenshot is attached. The specific missing characters in the 'Espruino' header change each time, but the error it gives is the same every time.

    The following has been tried after searching on the forums for a bit:

    • Resetting the board before sending code
    • Power cycling board and reconnecting
    • Turning on and off throttling in settings.

    It doesn't help that the error message doesn't make any sense. I'm using several local modules in the code, and line 7 in all of them is taken up by a comment containing information about the file (author, purpose, etc...). So the error doesn't specify a module, nor a line with any code on it.

    The class mentioned in the error should say 'Electrodes' and 'ElectrodeController()'.

    I'm using the native Windows IDE on Windows 10.

    Having guessed at which file and line the error was in, the 'ReferenceError' has been fixed (and it wasn't on line 7, 17, 27, or 7x either). Is this kind of behaviour normal? Does the software report where an error was on its minified code instead of the code as written?

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    Thank you Gordon,

    That was going to be my backup plan if nothing more elegant existed. Thought I'd check first before redefining everything.

    Thanks again :)

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    We have a project using the MDBT42Q module, but hardware won't be ready for another month at least.
    I've bought a Pixl.js because it has an MDBT42Q module on the back of it. The idea was that I'd develop software using the Pixl.js, then do final testing on the actual hardware later.

    However, I use pin D27 on the MDBT42Q module, and this doesn't appear to be available on the Pixl.js, and I get an 'Uncaught ReferenceError: D27 is not defined' as a result.

    Is there a way of pre-checking code without any hardware connected to the IDE. Like you'd get with compilation using C, but a js equivalent.

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    Perhaps it's a lack of knowledge on my part, and maybe I should do some more reading before critiquing.

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    Thanks both, especially for the reference manual. I'm used to register-level stuff in C, so all this high-level abstraction (and in JS no less) is confusing. Seems like it makes difficult stuff easy (the whole BLE stack) but easy stuff more difficult.
    Thank you again, is there a way to tag a thread as 'answered'?

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    On the MDBT42Q page it says that pin D21 can be configured as 'NRST'. This conflicts with Raytac's datasheet where it says it can be configured as 'RESET'. I couldn't find anything in the API reference as to how to configure the pin.

    So questions are:
    1) How do you configure the pin to act as reset?
    2) Is it active high or active low?

    Reason being I want to add a brownout detection chip that resets the board if power dips.

    Thanks in advance,