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    I want to use USB for power only.

    I want to use BLE for communications.

    I don't have a specific product as of yet as I am considering building my own if needed. I was hoping that someone has done this already. I've seen some LED projects with single LEDs and "stringed together" LEDs, but no projects with strip light LEDs.

    These strip light LEDs come with a controller that I want to be able to talk to with the Puck. Simply turning them on an off is sufficient, but I was just curious ...

    has anyone interfaced the Arudino with these LED strip lights?

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    I wanted to use puck to control LED strip lights. There are many kinds of LED strip lights, but I wanted to use the type that use USB for power and Blue Tooth Low Energy for communications.

    Many of the other LED strip lights use WiFi and an AC/DC adapter for power, I don't want to use these.

    Basically instead of using my phone to control the LED strips as the product was designed for, I want my puck.js button to control the lights.

    Has someone done this already? Is it possible?