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    Thanks, that's a great photo!

    thank you :)

    Honestly, I think in that case it might be best to return it and swap it for a new one. It'd be the first time it's happened but it sounds like maybe something has gone wrong internally.

    Thank you for this, where do I send it?

    But first, just to be sure - if you do NRF.findDevices on the other Puck, how many devices does it see? A lot?

    Yes, it found couple of devices around (same spot as a first one).

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    Wow, and nothing at all?

    Yep, empty array.

    I guess it's possible the aerial on the Puck got damaged?

    Could be, it happened after I was taking Puck in my jeans small pocket, but I can not detect any visual damages on the device.
    Please see attached.

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    Hi Gordon,
    Thank you for your response.
    This is make sense, but in my case NRF.getSecurityStatus().connected returned false.

    My steps were:

    1. Connect via USB
    2. upload reset(1) + out put the NRF.getSecurityStatus().connected
    3. disconnect from USB
    4. insert the battery
    5. search via bluetooth dialog in Chrome on my mac then search in the webble app on ios.

    I also tried to run

    var devices;
    NRF.findDevices(function(d) {
      devices = d;
    }, 50000);

    I started with 1000 then raised the time to find. No devices found. I expected it to find second Puck nearby.

    Maybe I can somehow debug bluetooth module itself, run diagnostics, get more info?

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    Hello good people,
    I have two identical puck.js v2. They both fully functional untill one of them stopped appear in the bluetooth dialog when connecting to web IDE, while I see second device in the dialog just fine.

    I did a reset and a hard reset, when I insert a battery a red light blinks as expected I can even connect to this puck via USB serial and write code to it via web IDE. Only bluetooth is gone.

    Any ideas how to investigate this problem further?