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    @Guillaume_G agreed with Gordon, uploading AGPS data to the watch drastically improves GPS fix time (in my case it takes between 5 to 10 seconds).

    After that, you'll likely encounter the same issue as me, with distance staying at 0, see post here: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­359549

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    Thanks Gordon.

    Where did you get the 9.7km figure from? BangleRun?

    That was in GPXsee, a fat client I'm using on my laptop

    In terms of HRM, it should be recorded. If you open the GPX file in a text editor I bet you'll find the data there. It may just be in the file in a form that SmashRun doesn't recognise. If you could post an example file that does contain HRM data that SmashRun recognises then I might be able to tweak the export so it works.

    No, the HR data is always at 60, like in the example below:

          <trkpt lat="xx.yyyyyy" lon="z.zzzzz">

    So I guess this is the HRM which didn't record properly - is there anything to do when starting a run in BangleRun, or should the HRM record directly?

    The step counting is something I know isn't great (it uses a very simple algorithm right now) but I'm actively looking into improvements for that and I'm hopeful that version 2v09 firmware will be a lot better.

    got it, thx

    Having looked into BangleRun a bit, it seems cadence is literally just total steps / run duration when I guess realistically it should be looking at that figure, but just based on the past 5 minutes?

    I think the calculation method is fine, provided it's accurante :)
    That'd be average cadence, as opposed to lap cadence

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    so after importing the BangleRun GPX file into SmashRun: the distance is almost the same (10.09 vs 10.10 Kms), however the HRM is wrong and has not been added to the trace (stays at 60) - is there something to do to enable HRM while running?

    the elevation gain/loss is also "interesting": +507m / -509m, whereas it's pretty flat where i live (and my running watch reports +90m/-87m, which looks more realistic).

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    Right, so I did another run today, and can confirm that the GPS trace is OK - although there's ~400m difference between what Bangle.JS recorded (9.7 Kms) vs. my Apple watch (10.1 Kms).

    So the issue has really to do with the display:

    • distance stays at 0,
    • cadence is wrong (at ~70) - but it was good for the first 20 min or so (~150),
    • number of steps is clearly wrong - 3948 steps for 10K, I don't have that long strides ;)

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    here you go :-) walking down/up stairs, walking fast and slow

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    Thanks for the quick answer Gordon, and not to worry.
    If that helps, I can test newest versions and report here - or DM me if needed.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi everyone,

    just received my Bangle.Js and as an avid runner, I took it for a run.
    The displayed distance stayed at 0 for all my run, but when I downloaded the GPX track, it was correct.

    Did I miss something?
    I waited for the GPS fix to be there (green "GPS") and started the run with BTN1, then paused it once finished with BTN1 again, and hold BTN3 for some seconds to exit.