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    Thanks very much Gordon.
    Now I've understood everything.

    I've solved "CALLBACK" message.
    GadgetBridge app was installed only on my phone, but not on the Bangle.js.
    It was implicit (it's needed), but I haven't thought about it until now.

    Sorry, sorry.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks, Gordon.
    I'll try as you suggested and will post evidences.
    I hope to find something.

    The other strange thing is that whenever BLE connetcion is performed (with or without CALLBACK message) , screen remains in overlap state that you can see in previous attachment.

    Any idea?

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    Hi all,

    I've alteady searched into all the forum threads, but no luck.

    My Bangle.js is almost same of stock one received 1 month ago; just Languages and BangleRun installed.
    My issue happens allways I connect to a device like PC, phone, GBridge app.

    Sometimes (not always) with Debug ON appears a RED 'CALLBACK' message on the bottom of the screen.

    My firmware is 2v08.

    There's something I can check or do?

    Screenshot in attachment.
    I hope it could help.

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    Hi all.
    I'm very happy to be a bangle.js owner.
    I've searched so long a real free and open smartwatch with no luck.
    In the meanwhile I was a not so proud Garmin Vivosport owner.

    Sorry for the introduction.

    Today I've installed for the first time the BangleRun app.
    No issues with measurements during run.
    All went well and with good measurements.
    But whenever the app starts, with debug level on, for less than 1s I can see in the bottom of the screen the following message:

    "New interpreter error: FIFO_FULL"

    Message could also appear stopping/starting/pausing timer pressing BTN3 randomly.
    After error screen remains in a strange state with old screen freezed overlapping current screen (with timer running).
    Real screen could be seen only after sleep and wake on turning wrist.

    My firmware version is: 2v08