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    I'm a complete newbie but I know the Puck 2 is the thing for the job for me here...!

    I want to use it to perform a keyboard shortcut on press.

    When the button is pressed, I want it to perform Ctrl+Shift+M and then flash the red LED continuously until the button is pressed a second time. On the second press I want it to perform the same keyboard shortcut again and turn the LED off.

    I have had a look at a few support articles about doing a keyboard sequence which I have copied in and that is working to make it type 'Hello' but my request is slightly different as I think it needs to do the key press simultaneously rather than one after the other and also needs to check whether the LED is already flashing to figure out whether it needs to start or stop flashing.

    Any help is much appreciated and happy to pay for someone's time to code it if that is an option!

    All the best