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    yes, that helped. Thank you. For your answer and this great project.

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    I am trying to create a Bangle.js app for my gym training plan.
    I have an interface for the app loader where I create the training plan, this is an Array of json objects.
    Now I want to create a menu, where I can select a machine which has not been finished.

    function showMenu(){
      function createMenuItems(){
        menuObjekt = {};
        menuObjekt[""] = {"title" : "machines left"};
        for (var i = 0; i < tempArray.length; i++){
          if (tempArray[i].finished == false){
            key = tempArray[i].machine;
            menuObjekt[key] = function(){showSettings(tempArray[i])};
        menuObjekt.Exit = function() { E.showMenu();};
        return menuObjekt;
      var mainmenu = createMenuItems();

    The keys are shown correct, but the function to get the settings view does not work.
    The output for consol.log(mainmenu); is:

      "": {
        "title": "machines left"
      "machine 1": function () {showSettings(tempArray[i])},
      "machine 2": function () {showSettings(tempArray[i])},
      "machine 3": function () {showSettings(tempArray[i])},
      "Exit": function () {E.showMenu();}

    Why is the index not replaced?
    I tried a lot of stuff, but don't understand my problem.
    Neither my programming skills nor my English are very good, so I don't get the problem.
    The web ide is warning me, that functions declared within loops may lead to confusing semantics, but I don't see another way?
    There may be a different amount of machines I want to train, and I want only the machines to be in the machines I haven't finished.

    Thank you in advance for your help and patience.

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    I really like the charging cradle https://shop.espruino.com/banglejs-dock, and I would like to cut it at a local hackspace. I never worked with a laser cutter, but ever wanted to do so, and the shipping cost to Germany is high relative to such a cheap part.
    Is the original part from the shop restricted or am I allowed to cut it on my own? And if so, where can I find the file for the cutter?
    Or has someone created something similar and would share it?
    Thanks in advance!