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    I didn't understand much, however, thanks a lot! :)
    Will see and test the code in coming days soon.

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    Cant thank you enough for sharing this brilliant piece of code above and earlier too.
    My first assignment is already submitted with my original code that was shared with you, however it would be really interesting to try and check out this code as well. So much new stuff for me to learn. So many new classes, functions I wasn't aware of. We will be getting new assignments and I will be hopefully working and continue my learning on bangle.js for the next few months. And all this information, coding, logic you shared with me definitely helps a lot.
    Thanks once again!

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    woah!!..that's brilliant! Thank you so much.
    So much to learn from by just seeing the code.
    I will take time to go through the code lines and understand what exactly has been done here.
    And without a debugger available in emulator, its going to be all the more difficult. By the way, is there one?
    This was an assignment given to us and working with bangle was totally new for me. I am drowned in other subject assignments as well at the moment, hence going through this code will definitely take some time for me.
    But, nevertheless, thank you so much for all the efforts put in and sharing every thing in detail with me. Really appreciate it a lot!

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    Thanks a lot for encouraging me to try this out and for your suggestions.
    I shall definitely try it out.
    Thanks so much for your time to share the code example with me as well.

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    Thank you so much for all the detailed information.
    I shall try doing it the way you have suggested.
    This would be the first time that I would be be applying trigonometric functions in real life application after learning them in high school :)
    Thanks a lot for directing me to that.

    Have a good Sunday evening!

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    I used g.fillpoly() to fill color in the desired red ring and achieved what i wanted. Please see my updated image.
    However, am not sure if there was a better way to do this.
    Finding out the coordinates for each tiny area and then coloring it with green wasn't so easy.
    I am sure there must be some easy way to find the coordinates or not?
    Thanks a lot for all your help

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    Thank you very much! I shall definitely go through the link for UI code you shared.
    For my example, I decided that I will use the circle to show the progress.
    To give you an idea, posting an image of my attempt.
    I used 2 circles here, outer circle (filled with red) and inner circle(filled with black), which eventually shows me the circle with a red border.
    Now, I need to fill the red circle with green color depending on the number of steps taken. In my case, a quarter of a circle.
    Is my understanding correct - I need to set color for each pixel that comes inside the border?
    if yes, how do I do this?

    And this following qn. is out of my personal curiosity to know if I am the only one who is finding this a little difficult to code=> I have worked in Javascript and web technologies earlier and I find this coding very different from what I worked on. Is it because that's HTML and web browser that I was working on and here I need to do things differently because its a smart watch?. Even getting a simple icon on the face of the watch is so different. I tried using fonts too, however they didn't work and I didn't find any proper info on how to make them work. It kept saying that it didn't find this font, but I have no clue as to which module needs to be added. I don't have the bangle device and am using the emulator. Setting fonts otherwise in normal Javascript is so easy.

    Thanks a lot once again for answering my questions.

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    I am new to Bangles.js and Espruino and still learning the basic know-hows of it.
    I do have a background of Javascript coding, however never worked with Graphics.

    Sorry, if my questions are very basic. However, after searching a lot over the internet (didn't find a lot of information on coding in this environment), I finally decided to post it here.

    I want to show progress of the steps walked using a progress bar or a circle.
    However, I don't understand how to implement it.
    I need to have a thick bordered circle with some color to show the progress.
    OR a rectangular bar that shows the progress.

    Right now the data is static and am really not counting the real steps.
    So the data in my circle or a bar would not be changing either.
    My question is ,
    Qn1 : How do I create a circle with a thick border?
    Qn2: how do I fill the bar with some color or the thick circle border with some color?

    Thanks a lot!