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    Hey Gordon,

    thanks for getting back!

    So you go to https://banglejs.com/apps/, click Connect and then you
    get the banglejs.com wants to pair menu, but you don't see the Bangle
    in it?

    -> correct, simply don't get to see it at all

    Please could you ensure your Bangle is nice and close to the Laptop Do
    you have any other device like a phone that you could try and connect
    with? iPhones need a paid app, but Android will work fine out of the

    -> it was directly next to or on the laptop :)
    I did get WebBLE and running it on a iPad Pro 2020 I can connect nicely to the Watch I found. Still it would be great to have it work with the MB Air ...

    Also when did you get your Bangle? If it was a while ago then a
    firmware update might help - and you can use your phone for that.

    -> fully new, just received it a week ago

    So in case you schuld have any further ideas, it's be great to hear from you again!

    All the best,


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    Hello together,

    we are trying to get our bangle connected to the Bangle.js Uploader and did manage to do so two times, but in general it simply doesn't work.
    We're running Chrome on an up to date MacBook Air 2020, so there should be no hardware problem BLE-wise.
    The Bangle Watch is not connected to the Mac via "regular" Bluetooth or at least unpaired by now.
    On the watch, BLE is on, make connectable is on, programmable is on, HID is off - so should be all ok?
    I tried to reset the watch (holding button 1 and 2 for some seconds) - rebootet but still didn't connect, I restarted the browser as well as the mac - no connection.

    Any further ideas/hints??

    thanks a lot for comments!