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    Hi Gordon. Thanks for your answer!
    Alright - It was just a thought - and since I didn't find many tutorials or explanations on the topic, I thought - I'll ask here in the forum for help.
    I will probably work my way into developing custom firmware for Espruino.
    My problem so far was more the lack of understanding than the missing programming experience - I mean: Creating effects with the Neopixel libary directly is pretty easy but has some big disadvantages compared to an established complex libary like FastLED (e.g. performance, speed, missing color correction functionality, ...).
    Anyway - I will try my luck in the next days!

    Btw. Espruino is a great project, good job!

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    Hi MaBe. Thanks for your reply - I'm using LED strips (see here)
    I'd really like to make use of FastLED in any case :)

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    I'm working on a small ESP8266 Arduino Project to create cool animations and effects for the WS2812b LED pixels/strips.

    Everything works fine using the Espruino neopixel libary. But now I'd like to make use of the Arduino FastLED library because it contains a whole bunch of cool features.

    To be honest I don't have much experience with Espruino... therefore my question: Is there a simple way or some tutorial how I can use the native FastLED within Espruino?

    What I've found so far is this tutorial: espruino.com/Extending+Espruino+1 but I'm not really sure if this is the best way to go.. in this case. Using inline C code is probably also a really bad practise :D

    So any help how to go on would be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,