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    OMG, I was about to try to desolder the ESP8266 and replace it with another one I had when I thought to give it one more go. And yeah guess what, it worked :D

    I have no idea what did the trick. Very frustrating that I have no idea what the issue was :)

    But it works! That's the most important thing. Thank you very much for looking into it!
    I'll try to write down all steps with all source files in an instructable and share the link.

    And then buy more espruinos and have more fun with them ;)

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    Nope, nothing is printed.

    so it's really going to be stressing whatever you've connected it to

    Is it a bad idea to attach the LED strip directly to those pins?
    It's always a max of 10 neopixels that will be toggled on and off.
    I'm making some kind of weather station that gets the data from an API so eventually I want to plug my device into a socket with a USB supply and keep it running for days.

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    The value is between 3.31 and 3.04.

    I have a LED strip soldered to the + - and B15
    When LEDs are active around 3.0
    After removing the wires again the values are a little higher, between 3.312 and 3.315

    When I remove all unrelated code in my program I get the same error.
    Same when I uploaded your snippet.
    I erased all storage and used reset to clear the RAM but nothing helps.

    The LED strip is still working as expected.

    Could I have damaged the ESP8266 in some way?

    I always had my espruino connected to my laptop, I'm not 100% sure but after I plugged the USB into a standard android phone USB power plug it stopped working.

    Typically it was the moment that I finalised my project and wanted to show it the first time to someone else it died. So frustrating :)

    BTW any idea when the Espruino WIFI will be back in stock?

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    I was running some code on the Espruino Wifi without any issues, but suddenly after reconnecting my Espruino to the WebIDE I get this error.

    I tried resetting and flashing my Espruino, removing all local code, clearing the cache, uploading something else but nothing changes. It's like the Wifi module is in some kind of locked state.
    I have no idea how to fix it. I hope anyone else could help me?

    This is the code I use to connect to my Wifi

    const WIFI_NAME = "******";
    const WIFI_OPTIONS = { password : "*******" };
    function onConnected(err) {
        if (err) {
            console.log(err); // This returns the No 'ready' after AT+RST
            setTimeout(connect, 5000);
        } else {
            wifi.getIP(function(e,ip) {
                connected = true;
                setInterval(getWeather, 1800000); // once every 30 minutes
    function connect() {
        wifi = require("Wifi");
        wifi.on('connected',function() {
            console.log("Connected to WiFi");
        wifi.on('disconnected',function() {
            console.log("Disconnected from WiFi");
        wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, WIFI_OPTIONS, onConnected);
    E.on('init', function() {