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    @fanoush sadly I missed your post by a mile. How are you notified of these things? they seem to make a new post every time the watch goes in or out of stock...

    If you have an extra I can buy off of you, let me know.
    But first: what is your code, and can you post complete steps to upload it that don't brick the watch?

  • in Pico / Wifi / Original Espruino
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    solder bridge as described in schema

    Where? Can you point to this schema @allObjects?

    So to be absolutely clear I connect the battery (of any voltage between 3.7 and 16V) to GND and VBAT (right next to GND on the bottom of the pico diagram)? Someone should also update that page.

  • in Bangle.js
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    How does one set the time (or especially timezone) in an Espruino environment?
    new Date() is almost always wrong for me, either because offset is 0 or because actual time is wrong.

    Note that I have a pico, but that shouldn't matter as I'm asking how to do this, but for Espruino, not Linux.

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    It seems like @allObjects is saying connect the battery to V_out (a.k.a. VBAT), and @Gordon is saying connect it to V_in (a.k.a. BAT_IN) in order for the board to be able to handle any voltage between 3.7V and 16V. BAT_IN makes the most sense, so that is what I'm trying. I stacked up 2 CR2032 batteries to total 6.3V (approx.), and the red light constantly shines (which is what I got when I didn't have enough voltage, e.g. a single CR2032). What could that light mean this time?

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    The Espruino Pico has two pins that seem to output voltage: V_out seems to output 4.8V, and 3.3 seems to output 3.3V (big surprise). What is the 4.8V for, and if I have a 5V or 3.3V tolerant device, can I power it off of either of these pins (connecting ground pin to - of course)?

    Also, it isn't entirely clear to me, and I don't think I can safely test this with a multimeter like the above, but what is V_IN for? Does it need to be a steady voltage or would a battery work?

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    My problem is that all of these are out of stock... Are there any with reflective or transflective screens (and no backlight or can be disabled) that are still sold? @Gordon I wouldn't mind buying it from you.

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    I know that one of the boards I linked to was simply an ESP-12-E. That was the "mistake I made last time". The other two boards I linked to claim to be D1 mini's, however.

    I'm still looking for a recommendation of a particular D1 manufacturer that makes an easy-to-flash d1 mini. Or if there is another small dev board I should look into.