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    No worrys!

    Be aware... if your email is as active as mine, you'll want to filter the message in GadgetBridge otherwise your wrist will be vibrating every 10 seconds!

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    One other thing - if you have already paired it in BlueTooth, you need to unpair before step 3 in my list.

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    Hi all - I spent ages messing around with GadgetBridge yesterday, but solved the issue this morning. These are the steps I took:-

    1. Install GadgetBridge from F-Droid (at least ver 0.4)
    2. 'Reset settings' on Bangle, then restart it (turn off, back on)
    3. Turn bluetooth off then back on on phone.
    4. Go into GadgetBridge, it should show the Bangle, select it and then pair (this may take 2 or more attempts)
    5. Done!

    I'm now seeing battery status on my phone for the Bangle, and I just saw an email notification appear on my Bangle from Outlook! (albeit I need a magnifying glass to see it!)

    Cheers all :-)