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    I've recently purchased a ESP32-POE-ISO from Olimax to use as the controller for an LED art installation. I chose it due to my requirements for POE, small form factor, uses a well supported microcontroller (esp32), and is totally open source (and designed in KiCad!).

    I haven't used Espruino before, but since I'm a TypeScript dev by day, I figured it would probably greatly reduce development difficulty. I can write C/C++, but I don't love doing so for more complex projects.

    In any case, this board uses the LAN8710 Ethernet PHY, which as far as I can tell, isn't yet supported by Espruino.

    I can go the Arduino route and implement this project in C++, but I'd love to use Espruino. I'm potentially interested in starting work on a native module for the LAN8710, assuming it's a reasonable task to undertake.

    Otherwise, I'm curious about other approaches I can use to integrate with this PHY. Perhaps a native module that does the Ethernet IO and exposes a simpler interface to Javascript.

    Are there good examples of mixed C++/Javascript development? Other PHY implementations I could look at? Other tips, pointers?