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    Even with the firmware updates and an external IR LED I couldn't achieve the 2 meters. It was close but it is very directional, you have to very precisely point (much more than a TV remote) to the IR receiver otherwise it won't work. Additionally the external IR LED makes it more difficult to press the button. I'm a little bit disappointed, I'll have to think of another use for the puck.js.

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    Hi Robin,

    I had noticed that the thread was really old but it was the one which was closely related to my goal.
    I've managed to use an external IR LED anyway. The procedure is actually quite simple. Unfortunately I couldn't extend the range any further, probably I used a poor quality LED.
    Maybe I'll try using another one. Can you recommend a good IR LED (long range and wide angle) for the puck?

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    Hi Matt,

    I'm also having trouble with the limited range of the IR led. But the 2 meters you achieved with an external IR led are enough for me. Can you give some more detail of what you've done. You just took the IR led from a remote and inserted directly? On which pins? How do you call it? Just Puck.IR()?