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    Hi Robin

    Thankyou that helped,

    It looks the module i am trying to use if the wrong type ie node module and there doesn't appear to have .js or .min.js file. I install the module via NPM, is there simple way around this

    Many Thanks


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    Hi There

    I am afraid I am complete newbee of Espruino, so please forgive me if this is some thing silly. I am hoping to use module but not have much luck

    I am on Mac OsX and using the web IDE, I can see the projects so I think i am using the correct program.

    on my root folder I've set up a project folder called 'Espruino' and have gone into the setting -> project and set the sandbox as ~/Espruino this created lots of folders including modules, I copied my module in there

    now when i run my first line of code ie

    const PoweredUP = require("node-poweredup");

    it say the module can not be found am I doing something daft ?

    Any Help would greatly appreciated