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    Hey @fanoush, great that you're active here. To reduce the power drain, does espruino on the D6 use deep sleep at all? I'd like to use setTimeout() but if there's a better way for battery life, I'd love to know. If we can get to the same level (1 week on battery) as the stock firmware, that'd be incredible!

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    Hi wonderful Espruino folks!

    Whilst I'm waiting eagerly for my Bangle, figured I'd have a play with the D6 bracelet thing I have.

    It has an KX023 accelerometer, but I'm looking for using the device as a sleep and step counter.

    Using an accel as a step counter will drain the battery fast, but I wondered if anyone had attempted this? There's some clever features that I don't really understand of the accelerometer but the datasheet is sparse ( https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/217/KX­023%20Sell%20Sheet_0-542331.pdf ).

    Anyone used this particular part and got any tips?