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    I received a Puck.js not too long ago and wanted to start using it in some basic tasks that would involve running scripts on my computer, but I have to say I'm kind of at a loss at how to start the process. I'm able to pair the device to my machine and use the IDE easily as well as figure out how to toggle the LEDs and whatnot, but i'm afraid I have no idea how to proceed forward to be able to send custom messages to my paired device (Puck.JS -> Windows 10) in a script.

    The simplest example would be that I want a value (e.g. a number between 0-255) to be sent inside a setWatch() call from Puck.JS, and I want a service on W10 that would be able to receive that call and respond to the received value (e.g. If I received a 1 then run this script, a 2 then run this other script, etc.)

    I thought this would be a common enough use case to have a few examples but I'm having trouble finding anything. Are there any repositories or code examples in the documentation I'm missing that would be able to accomplish this or are there any guides that anyone could point me to that would get me started? It'd be really helpful.

    AFAIK, I would have to become at least a bit knowledgeable on Bluetooth LE protocol itself and terminologies to even get started, which is kind of where I might start soon. I've fallen off of using 'Web Bluetooth' because as far as I understand it, it would require an always active chrome web page up, which if im understanding correctly isn't quite what i'm looking for.