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    HI Gordon,

    Thank you for your information.

    It seems SWD can be connected using wires, correct me if I am wrong. I am wondering what role st-link play in this case


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    Thank you Gordon,

    Sorry, I have no experience to flash a MCU before , to avoid unexpected situation and also can develop properly, would flash it through STM32Discovery board be the easiest and best way to do it?

    I am using Espruino Pico which is chip STM32F401CDU6, should I choose the discovery board with the exact same chip? or would any discovery board comes with F3/F4 chip be fine? any recommendation on boards ?

    A naive way I am thinking for the first option based what I read from the Advanced Debug is:

    • Connect the discovery board to the PICO with ST-Link based on the table provided
    • Modify the file based on the "Gachats"
    • Install st-link tools from git
    • Run the command line provided

    But I am not very sure where those files "ESPRUINOBOARD.py or PICO_XX.py"are located, and how to use them. would this process be able to make the PICO code in STM32cubeIDE Embedded C environment?

    I need to run the program in very fast speed, and inline C is also not fast enough, Arduino is very close to C, I think Arduino might be faster than inline C?, is it possible to flash PICO as Arduino? the costs might be cheaper for me if this is possible

    Thank you

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    I am wondering if anyone has experience changing Espruino's coding environment to Embedded C?
    Like using STM32CubeIDE.
    Should I re flash the MCU again? Thanks

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    I just tried 3 and it looks like the same output as 0.02 that I have before

    is there a way to check the data without using print? and another way to call the function repeatedly if we want to call it fast? for visualizing the data, one other method I can think of is writes file, I believe the write file should be faster than console.log(), but I am concerning if write file write it to the flash memory? if so, i am afraid I do not have enough flash for the data in espruino .

    Yes, I will try that inline c, I tried the one with adding "complied" in the code and it did not work, but does increase a bit speed.

    OHHHHH no, if gettime return in second, that proof the 833 Hz is impossible with javascript

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    Haha ^ ^

    and I thought gettime() returns in ms. Isn't 0.003 is in ms?

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    The FIFO mode provides the correct data but I have to reset every time to get another round of FIFO data, since it will stop filling after it full. The reset process clear everything that might stall in the FIFO and results in missing some data (because timestamp incremented a lot ), so it is not very ideal

    So ideally, I would like to save the program in flash memory in Epsurino, and when I supply the power to Epsurino or turn on some switch, it will start to fetch data

    So this is how I would use those data:

    For now,
    I will integrate the gyro over that timestamp that's outputting at 833Hz, then use UART to pass the integrated gyro data and accelerometer to the data handling unit.

    So I would prefer to integrate every set of data at every 833Hz = 0.0012s

    I just realized you edit #24 I am gonna look at those links now

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    I will integrate the gyro over that time period, so I think I will every single set of data that output at 833Hz,
    then I will use UART to pass the integrated data and accelerometer to the data handling unit.

    "Is so, the FIFO buffer is probably filling up before each data item is removed from the buffer and the device is cramming in bytes until errors in output are seen. Could this be a possibility?"

    I think this is possible. but if this is true, wouldn't it make it very hard to pull the data in high frequency?

    Haha have a good time

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    Haha, no problem. I am in the mountain time zone